Andy Bryant

Vektor adds FILTER function!

🎉 We're very excited to announce a very important new function

Vektor Extends Bridging Coverage with LI.FI Integration

We’re excited to announce our latest cross-chain collaboration with LI.FI, an advanced bridge and DEX aggregator with smart routing capabilities. With the integration of LI.FI’s API Vektor users can bridge and swap any asset across all supported chains and layer-2s without leaving Vektor’s app.

FILTER function spotlight

Vektor's FILTER function works with any List type in Vektor (e.g. PRICES, LP.POSITIONS, BALANCES, ASSETS, BORROW.MARKETS). You can filter on any conditional expression, giving ultimate control to find specific data using multiple parameters and combining different lists.

Vektor launches Quick Actions!

Today We're excited to announce our most powerful feature yet, Quick Actions. Use Quick Actions to execute VXL commands without typing them manually.

Vektor Launches Bridging functionality!

🎉 We're very excited to announce a very important new function in Vektor: BRIDGE. Use the Bridge function to seamlessly bridge assets from one blockchain to another!

BRIDGE function spotlight

Vektor's BRIDGE function aggregates a large number of different bridge protocols, so straight out of the gate users can enjoy the cheapest and/or fastest bridge routes available.

Vektor adds Column Functions!

The beautiful thing about the VXL language is that, like Excel, one function's output can be another function's input. Today, with the launch of familiar functions like MIN, MAX, SUM, AVERAGE, and COLUMN, we're excited to show you the powerful DeFi workflows that become possible with Vektor.

Vektor Launches Concentrated Liquidity Support!

We're very excited to announce the new support for concentrated liquidity in Vektor. With this powerful upgrade, you can now use Vektor's existing LP function set to create, interact with, and manage your concentrated (aka 'range') positions across all supported chains and venues.

How To: Create a CeFi crisis dashboard

We're going to show you how to use Vektor to easily whip up a live-updating CeFi crisis dashboard like this one below, so you can easily see for yourself what's going on, and stop relying on information in the news and/or social media.

How Vektor Works

Vektor is an interface tool only, and never takes custody