How To's

How To: Create a CeFi crisis dashboard

We're going to show you how to use Vektor to easily whip up a live-updating CeFi crisis dashboard like this one below, so you can easily see for yourself what's going on, and stop relying on information in the news and/or social media.

How To: See a List of Vektor Functions

You can see a list of Vektor Functions at any

How To: See Current Vektor Integrations

You can see a list of supported blockchains at any time in the app using the BLOCKCHAINS function. You can see a list of supported venues at any time using the VENUES function.

How To: Forecast maximum lend earnings using LEND.MARKETS

search for and summarise all the different lending opportunities existing for a certain asset (USDC), and then process that information to calculate the actual expected earnings if you lent your USDC to the maximum yielding opportunity.

How To: Find out where all your ETH is using BALANCES

search for and summarise the exact locations and amounts of all your ETH, wherever it is, and even show you a global total. No static spreadsheets required!