What is VXL?

VXL™ is an acronym for Vektor eXecution Language. It is the language that you use in the Vektor command line and is at the heart of the Vektor smart terminal.

We designed VXL to be intuitive to spreadsheet users, opening up new transaction capabilities and levelling the playing field between smart contract engineers and everyone else.

The Vektor Product

You use VXL to compose and execute transactions and other functionalities on the Vektor terminal. Behind the scenes, Vektor takes care of aggregating data from multiple blockchains, interacting with on-chain smart contracts, and managing your signing & transaction execution workflows.

Powerful reach, focused at your fingertips

Vektor’s architecture, designed around this universal execution language (VXL), gives it a number of distinct advantages over the status quo. For starters, it dramatically improves the experience of executing DeFi transactions, by compressing a substantial collection of transaction types, venues, and blockchains into one clean keyboard interface and focusing that power at your fingertips.

Example command using VXL to buy ETH using USDC

For instance, researching and depositing an asset into the lender offering the best rate takes just seconds on Vektor, at least 10x faster (and probably much more) than using existing App UIs.

Nested Functions for Incredible Flexibility

VXL uses a syntax based around functions. With VXL, just like with spreadsheet formulas, the output of one function can be the input of another function by 'nesting' one function inside another.

In the below example, we start with LEND.MARKETS() which outputs a table of all the lending markets supported by Vektor, and then use nested functions to build up to a formula for calculating the best expected USDC earnings for your actual USDC balance. (for a detailed walkthrough of this example including screenshots, see this post).

Example of nested functions in VXL

VXL’s innate ability to aggregate cross-chain data points and incorporate them into bespoke nested formulas unlocks new ways to build custom, live-updating indicators in seconds. Being able to rapidly prototype indicators on Vektor instead of building bespoke internal systems saves tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering cost.

Execute, anywhere.. in seconds

When you're ready to execute, you can use VXL to prepare a wide variety of different on-chain transcations by simply using one of the built-in execution functions.

An example signing workflow in Vektor to perform a LEND transaction

Vektor supports signing with browser wallets (e.g. Metamask), hardware wallets (e.g. Ledger) and selected custodians (e.g. Metamask Institutional, Copper), with more being added all the time. If you have a question or request about signing support please let us know!


At Vektor we believe VXL will become the lingua franca for professional investors to interact with multi-chain DeFi. But we're keen to hear what you think! If you have any questions about VXL and how it works, please get in touch, or if you want to try it out for yourself then feel free to request access using the button below.