Vektor launches Formulaic Alerts!

Vektor launches Formulaic Alerts!

🎉 We're thrilled to launch Formulaic Alerts! A powerful feature that really showcases Vektor's capabilities, you can now create highly customized, composable alerts based on any arbitrary conditional statement you can think of. The possibilities are endless!

We don't know of any other alerting tool out there that gives such powerful flexibility. Using the ALERT() function, you just write any conditional statement, drawing upon thousands of data points across all the chains and venues Vektor supports, including your own positions and transactions. Add any logical depth you need with our AND, OR, and IF functions. Once created, Vektor will continue to evaluate the condition...

... and, if and when it moves from FALSE to TRUE, we'll send you an email!

The above example is probably the simplest, but once you get used to Vektor Execution Language (VXL) for writing formulaic alerts, you'll see that there are many different use cases. The selection below suggests some examples for trading, lend/borrow, risk management, portfolio management and more!  

🔧 Example: Alert me when the BTC/ETH ratio exceeds 20

Timing your entry point? Using the PRICE function with an optional QUOTE override, we can set up an alert for when 1 WBTC is worth 20 ETH:

The first part of the ALERT function is the condition, and the second NAME part is optional (it will appear on the email notifications).

🔧 Example: Alert me when my Portfolio Value rises above $100,000

Waiting for the bull? Use our BALANCES.SUM function to set up an alert based on your total portfolio value:

🔧 Example: Alert me when the venue I'm using to lend USDC is no longer the best offered rate

Want to know when you're missing out on yield? We access the current best lending venue for USDC using a combination of LEND.MARKETS, LIST.FIRST and GET functions, and compare it to our current lending venue Aave v3, to see if we're gettting the best rate!

For more information you can read our ALERT function spotlight for detailed documentation including many more examples.

More updates coming soon... or checkout the Product Update History for updates you may have missed. 😎